Our team provides services
in the following areas:



  • expert base studies for environmental and nature impact assessment procedures (environmental impact studies, strategic environmental assessment studies, appropriate assessment, main assessment)
  • management plans for protected areas and NATURA 2000 sites
  • reports on state of the environment and environmental protection programs for units of local and regional self-government
  • monitoring of nature and environmental components 
  • landscape planning - detailed landscape studies and landscape character assessments (mapping and describing character types and areas), landscape plans for rural areas
  • landscape design - historical studies of areas protected as cultural heritage, analysis and valuation of the existing vegetation, program concepts, development of preliminary, main and detailed designs of public and private areas (parks, promenades, walking trails and viewpoints, beaches, surrounding of tourist facilities and facilities for sport and recreation, camps, green roofs, playgrounds, cemeteries, etc.), remediation plans for mineral raw materials exploitation fields and waste landfills, on-site landscape project supervision, 3D visualization, etc.
  • studies of site suitability analysis for various planned developments (RES, mariculture, tourism, etc.)
  • site vulnerability studies (spatial qualities, climate change vulnerability - floods, erosion, fires, heat islands, etc.)
  • spatial program studies and master plans
  • green infrastructure plans (green systems)
  • environmental and natural resource assessment studies (for RES, agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, tourism, etc.)
  • soil condition and productivity assessment
  • climate change adaptation
  • forest measurements and forest health assessment
  • optimal resource management planning in forestry, hunting, agriculture and aquaculture
  • sectoral strategic development plans and programs (forestry, agriculture, tourism, energy) for units of local self-government
  • mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services (provisioning services, regulation and maintenance services, cultural services)
  • accumulation of harmful substances in organisms (in human population, in bioindicators of environmental health) 
  • public health risk assessments
  • epidemiological studies (in regards to the vector-borne diseases), etc.

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