Green Infrastructure Ltd. 
for environmental protection
and spatial planning

About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of experts providing solutions for the growing complex challenges set by the imperative of the sustainable development. Green Infrastructure Ltd. was established at the beginning of 2016 by five experienced professionals and Oikon Ltd. company, from whom we inherited all previous references by a mutual agreement. We started with the enthusiasm that still keeps us going, and a team of fifteen professionals with extensive experience in the areas of environment and nature protection, sustainable spatial planning, landscape architecture, environmental and natural resources management, and health ecology. Our values include the uncompromising quality of expert work, care for the employees' personal development and satisfaction of business partners, as well as a continuous effort in building a sustainable and inclusive community.


To be the co-creator of optimal use of space, by balancing interests of economic growth and environmental protection, which in long-run guarantees a sustainable and inclusive community.


To contribute to the sustainable development of community with timely and effective solutions in the environmental and nature protection, sustainable spatial planning, landscape architecture, health ecology and environmental and natural resource management, along with continuous product and service development through scientific research and intensive networking with other economic and scientific research entities.


Our team provides
services in the
following areas

environment and nature protection

sustainable spatial planning

landscape architecture

environmental and natural resources management

scientific projects

health ecology


prof. dr. sc.

Oleg Antonić


Višnja Šteko

mag. ing. prosp. arch., CE

Executive director

prof. dr. sc.

Zdravko Špirić

Scientific director

Our team

Among the 15 employees, there are 4 Landscape Architects, 3 Foresters, 3 Biologists, 2 Physicists, as well as one Architect, Geologist and Chemist, of which 4 are Doctors of Science (biology, chemical engineering, physics), 1 is a Nature and Environmental Protection Specialist, 2 are Doctoral Students (Nature and Environment Protection, Water Management), 7 are Certified Engineers (Certified Architect and Certified Landscape Architects, Certified Forestry Engineers, Certified Geologist), and 2 are Project Management Professional (PMP). 

The employee structure, with an equal number of experienced engineers and project managers, senior scientists and outstanding young professionals, together with an extensive network of external collaborators in the academic community, enables us to develop as a knowledge-based company, continuously linking scientific knowledge with the commercial application.


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